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Jan, 55 г., от Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

154lbs (70kg), 5' 11" (181cm)

Hello there :) I am looking for a partner. A real one. I am open to anything, but I need honesty. Can we share, can you be a friend ? I have many questions. Right now I would like to know what you are looking for ... talk to me ! I just have no children as I have not had any yet :). Anything you can share and do you understand English ? I also prefer someone who does not smoke - looks after their health :) I also stay in a beautiful country, in sunny South Africa. So I hike often with a Hiking Club on any Sunday, I also cycle, ... I believe I am young at heart. And you ? Can you show me what you do and your country ? If you need more details or more photos, let me know ;) However, my Membership has just expired :(

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