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Paul, 63 г., от , Manchester, United Kingdom

130lbs (59kg), 5' 6" (170cm)

A WOMAN WITHOUT HER MAN IS LIKE THE LONELY EMPTY HOUSE ON THE STREET WITH THE BROKEN WINDOWS AND NO ONE LIVES THERE ANYMORE ! I am seeking traditional supportive wife lover friend, submissive in nature , not the unpleasant feminist type of spoiled woman, more loving and supporting her man at all times Seeking a naturally submissive natured woman , who is unlike the horrible feminist type of selfish spoiled type , who regard men as he enemy ? instead of some to love , and someone who loves you in return. A naturally sexy woman who will enjoy sexy with me on a daily basis. Must be serious for permanent life partner relationship, where I will support you forever and you give me all your love and get mine in return... If you live with your mother ? , you do not have to leave her behind , Mother will be welcome to come to live together with us both, post a photo of mother and you together. Thank's Paul

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